About Southern Medical Lasers

Southern Medical Lasers

Based in Lexington, South Carolina – Southern Medical Lasers (formerly known as Lexington Medical Lasers) was established in 1996 as a division of Southern Anesthesia & surgical.  In 2004, our name was changed to Southern Medical lasers to broaden our identity in our  geographical markets. Our mission is to provide physicians with affordable options to investing in expensive laser technology.  Our team of dedicated laser technicians has over 58 years of combined knowledge and experience that sets us apart from other rental companies.

Over the past 15 years, we have established relationships with hundreds of physicians and surgical facilities throughout the Southeast.  We continue to provide unmatched customer service,  advanced laser technologies, and superior clinical knowledge to our physicians. Our goal is to offer physicians and health-care facilities affordable alternatives to providing light-based therapies to their patients.  Our business model is specifically designed to help our clients generate ancillary income;  keep overhead expenses to a minimum;  and to provide cutting-edge, safe, and reliable laser procedures to their patients.

Southern Medical Lasers’ Sales, Rental, and Laser Technicians

We strive to maintain a rental fleet of lasers that best fit our physician’s and patient’s needs.  We stay current in the aesthetic market place:  we follow marketing trends, provide up-to-date treatment protocols, and help our clients offer the safest, most effective laser treatments available today. We invite you to call today to discover how Southern Medical Lasers will bring the advantages of the latest laser technology to your practice, in addition to enhancing the services that you currently provide.