Lumenis UltraPulse Encore Laser- CO2 Laser System

Lumenis Encore

Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore Laser systems have great versatility and precision for all settings when only the best will do.

All UltraPulse laser systems feature UltraPulse and Continuous Wave laser modes to enable a range of thermal effects on tissue.
This laser has:

  • Excellent ablation/coagulation ratio.
  • The best clinical outcomes with minimal excess heating
  • Up to 4mm in a single pulse
  • Ideal mode for treating deep, thick lesions
  • Minimizing thermal damage

Lumenis Encore lasers are extremely versitile.

Not just used for resurfacing, the Encore laser has multiple specialty settings that include:

  • DeepFX- Deep impact for treating wrinkles & acne scars
  • ActiveFX- Full and fractional treatment for texture and pigmented inconsistencies
  • ScaarFX- Deepest for treating thick and complex lesions
  • PigmentFX- mild treatment of dyschromia
  • PreciseFX- precise tissue ablation and coagulation
  • Incision FX- .2mm focused for precise incisions

Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore Laser Repair and Service

Southern Medical Lasers is able to service and repair the Lumenis UltraPulse Encore Laser throughout the continental US.  Please contact us today for routine service or emergency repair situations!