Medical Laser Rental

The Medical Laser Sales And Repair Team Of Southern Medical Lasers

Daily Medical Laser Rentals Are Available In The Following States:

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia

Monthly Medical Laser Lease:

  • Southeastern US
  • Call for availability if you are located outside of our daily service area.

Why Rent a Medical Laser?

Medical lasers are very expensive to purchase and maintain.  What a manufacturer’s sales rep won’t disclose are the ongoing costs of maintaining a laser device.  For example, owning a laser requires yearly maintenance, and such maintenance is sold by the manufacturer in the form of a “service contract” that can cost anywhere from $10,ooo to $20,ooo per year, per laser device.  Furthermore, laser technologies are constantly evolving and getting better — what is cutting edge technology today will quickly become out-dated in the near future.

Southern Medical Lasers is a turn-key way to make your practice profitable with your first laser patient.

We can provide your medical practice with state of the art cosmetic lasers on a per day basis, per week basis, or a monthly rental option.  This allows your practice the flexibility to offer various, safe, and effective laser procedures  without having to invest in costly, “capital expenditure” laser devices that require on-going, yearly maintenance expenses.The VersaPulse® Cosmetic laser system combines four lasers in one to treat many benign skin lesions

Patient and Staff Laser Safety is our top priority.

We regularly have our equipment serviced and calibrated by our in-house, factory-trained, service engineer.  All of our lasers are maintained to meet or exceed FDA and manufacturer specifications.

Southern Medical Lasers employs certified laser safety officers to keep you and your patients safe.

SML’s laser technicians are able to perform treatments or stay with the laser to help physicians and staff provide care for patients.  We provide all necessary safety eye wear and paraphernalia, user manuals, and treatment protocols.  We continually stay up to date on the latest studies, marketing trends, treatment options, and provide on-going training to our physicians and staff.